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Diving for Treasure in the UNIX HTML Tools Sea


The sections that follow describe some of the currently popular UNIX-based HTML authoring tools and give you important facts about each one of them. These tools vary in their scope and functionality but all of them are designed to assist you in creating HTML documents. Check out the URLs that follow for complete information on these tools and many more.

Some tools are stand-alone UNIX programs that provide structure and error checking while guiding you through creating your Web pages. Some tools simply and elegantly provide you with quicker ways to insert requisite HTML tags into plain-text documents. Others are composed of groups of macros for HTML for use by existing UNIX text editors, such as EMACS. File conversion tools take a different approach and change existing text files into HTML-tagged documents.

No matter which kind of tool you choose to try, remember that the ultimate objective is to create eye-catching, informative Web pages that function on everybody’s browser. If the tool you try doesn’t help you, try another tool. Rest assured: You can find one out there that can do the job for you!

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More information on the latest and greatest UNIX authoring tools is readily available at the following WWW sites:

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