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Outstanding new HTML authoring tools for UNIX-based systems continue to find their way onto the Web. Some are still undergoing testing, but the current crop looks quite promising, especially some of the graphical editing tools. And for those of you who happen to like text-only, EMACS standby is still alive and well and supports numerous HTML modes that can liven it up considerably. To top it off, you can convert or filter almost any file type into or out of HTML using one of the myriad HTML utility programs available for UNIX.

The UNIX mindset is one of sharing resources; so nearly all of the UNIX-based HTML authoring systems are freeware. Even commercial UNIX packages typically offer a freeware version for download and evaluation.

But free and shareware UNIX HTML authoring tools aren’t supported in the same manner as recently released commercial products. Thankfully, they don’t cost much, either. These tools are usually easy to figure out, because they use familiar text editor metaphors or they act as add-ins to your own UNIX text editors. Either way, if you’ve ever used any kind of editor, you can learn one of these HTML tools easily.

Diving for Treasure in the UNIX HTML Tools Sea

Standing Alone amidst the UNIX HTML Editors

Filtering and Converting Your UNIX Files

UNIX Web Server Search

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