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Tools of the Trade: HTML and Web Publishing Tools


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Web pages are made with HTML, but Web sites are made with much more than that. Web site publishing involves creating HTML, checking and validating your HTML after you write it, document coordination, and site management. When the first Web sites came online, pioneer webmasters had to perform all of these activities by hand -- not a fun job even for the most compulsive person on the planet!

The need for a comprehensive set of tools for webmasters emerged soon after the Web did. Since then, many software developers have sought to meet that need. Their efforts have produced a great many tools and utilities that aid webmasters in creating and maintaining their Web sites. Thus, after you’ve gotten HTML under control, you need to gather those publishing and administration tools that work best for both you and your platform, and tackle the real work of webmastery -- namely, maintenance!

In this extra we talk about what kind of tools you should look out for. In following extras we cover platform-specific tools for the PC, Macintosh, and UNIX platforms and then explain how we do this Web thang ourselves. After you work your way through this entire section and spend some time testing and playing with the tools, you will be well on you way to constructing a useful and powerful webmaster’s toolkit of your very own.

Making Coding Easier: HTML Editors

The Doctor Is In: Page Checkups

Keeper of the Zoo: Tools for Managing Your Site

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