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Knowing When to Quit (Testing)


Now that you’re completely catatonic with fear about opening up your precious site to the prying eyes of the WWW masses, take solace in knowing that it’s only a bunch of electrons running around in wires and silicon. You’ve nothing to fear from the WWW. No matter how carefully you plan, design, code, and test your Web pages, someone will find something they don’t like. This is a function of the differences in outlook and perspective of the millions of users on the Web.

Cliché warning -- You can’t please everyone. You can try to please as many members of your intended audience as possible within your time and energy limits. Unless you have a deadline to meet that dictates when you open your site to the Net, you can be the sole judge of when it’s ready for primetime. So open it up when you’ve tested it thoroughly and can’t find any more “real” problems (but never quit testing!). And above all, SMILE; this is supposed to be fun!

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