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Dynamic HTML


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HTML 4.0 includes lots of interesting capabilities and features. You'll find plenty of new and improved markup, plus Cascading Style Sheets, and much more. One of these additional elements is still in its formative stages: Dynamic HTML, usually abbreviated DHTML, and it represents some of the most exciting Web functionality we’ve seen anywhere.

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Unfortunately, some of the major industry players -- Microsoft and Netscape Communications, to be specific -- have different visions of what Dynamic HTML should be and how it should work. To help straighten things out, the W3C has stepped in to try to formulate a standard description for DHTML. But in typical Web fashion, both of these titans of Web technology claim they’ll follow whatever recommendations the W3C makes, while they continue to pursue their own proprietary implementations of this set of Web capabilities!

What’s So Cool about DHTML?

DHTML, a la Microsoft

Netscape’s “dynamic HTML”

The W3C Role in DHTML

What’s Ahead for DHTML?

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