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JavaScript (also called LiveScript) is a scripting language that Netscape developed. JavaScript is not a CGI replacement, nor does it have anything to do with Java. It’s just a plain-text scripting code that you can use to add a bit of zip to stale HTML documents. It’s also a key ingredient in Dynamic HTML (see Extra 3) as well as a neat-o scripting language in its own right.

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JavaScript is not as complex and difficult as Java, but it is still a programming language. If you’d like to see what is really involved with adding JavaScript to your Web pages, visit the Netscape JavaScript site at

To see some live examples of JavaScript, take a peek at these sites:

We discuss more about JavaScript and other scripting languages in the companion book MORE HTML For Dummies. If you are interested in adding this type of enhancement to your Web site, go get a copy of MORE to find out how.

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