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Extending Your Web: CGI and Other Alternatives


In This Extra

Extending your Web site involves going beyond HTML markup and simple graphics to interactivity and multimedia. You can add dynamic features to your Web documents in a variety of ways, and we discuss many of them in this chapter. First, we look at the longest-standing extension to the Web -- CGI. But let us warn you, CGI is not really a . . . For Dummies kind of a thing. It can require a fairly complicated set of tasks and often involves programming. The other extensions we look into -- Java, JavaScript, VRML, Shockwave, ActiveX, and RealAudio -- aren’t that simple either, but the Web is more than just markup and pretty pictures.

You may also want to take note that many of the subjects that we discuss in this chapter are covered in a more in-depth and actual hands-on way in our companion book MORE HTML For Dummies. If you are interested in any of these cool extensions to the Web, run (don’t walk) to your nearest bookstore and get a copy of MORE HTML For Dummies. If you’re a real glutton for CGI punishment, check out our in-depth book on the subject, The CGI Bible (by Ed Tittel, Mark Gaither, Sebastian Hassinger, and Mike Erwin; IDG Books Worldwide, 1997; ISBN: 0-7645-8016-7).

Common Gateway Interface (CGI)







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