For your HTML authoring pleasure, we have added a few basic page templates to get you started. You can edit these files with any basic text editor, or HTML authoring software, to take these skeletons and craft them into finely-tuned, attractive pages filled with your own content with very little effort. You'll want to replace their generic (and often meaningless) information with your own content to make these pages your own. If there was ever a demonstration that content is what makes the Web interesting and useful, this set of pages proves it by showing just how empty an empty page can be!

Here's our collection of HTML documents designed specifically as templates:

our most basic HTML page template, suitable for any kind of use
a ready-to-complete personal home page of your very own
an initial or welcome page for a company, organization, or topical Web site
a page example that includes a pre-defined <TABLE> ready for use
the infamous "under construction" page; the name of this file should tell you how we feel about its use!
a collection of widgets and graphics that you can use to spruce up your own Web pages. Use this page to look up the file name for the widget you want to use, to drop it into your own pages!
a simple four area frame document that you can use as a starting point for frame creations of your own.

The HTML file templates are located in the \h4d3e\template directory, and the graphics are in the \h4d3e\template\graphics directory.


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