Glossary - W


WAIS (Wide-Area Information Service)
a collection of programs that implement a specific protocol for information retrieval, able to index large-scale collections of data round the Internet. WAIS provides content-oriented query services to WAIS clients, and is one of the more powerful Internet search tools available.
shorthand for the World-Wide Web (or W3), we also use Web in this book to refer to a related, interlinked set of HTML documents.
Web pages
synonym for HTML documents, we use Web pages in this book to refer to sets of related, interlinked HTML documents, usually produced by a single author or organization.
Web server
a computer, usually on the Internet, that plays host to httpd and related Web-service software.
Web site
an addressed location, usually on the Internet, that provides access to the set of Web pages that correspond to the URL for a given site; thus a Web site consists of a Web server and a named collection of Web documents, both accessible through a single URL.
white space
the "breathing room" on a page, this refers to the parts of a document or display that aren't occupied by text or other visual elements. A certain amount of white space is essential to make documents attractive and readable.
Windows (aka MS-Windows)
Microsoft's astonishingly popular (and sometimes frustrating) GUI environment for PCs, Windows is the GUI of choice for most desktop computer users.
the Windows version of a popular Web browser developed at MCC.
World-Wide Web (aka WWW or W3)
the complete collection of all Web servers available on the Internet, which comes as close to containing the "sum of human knowledge" as anything we've ever seen.
WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get)
a term used to describe text editors or other layout tools (like HTML authoring tools) that attempt to show their users on-screen what final, finished documents will look like.


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