Real Audio

Adding audio to a Web site is easy, just like to a sound file. But to add streaming on-demand and live audio, you should use RealAudio from Progressive Networks. This proprietary technology enables users to access audio over the Internet using a 14.4 modem or better. And the audio they get is often FM radio quality or better.

Hundreds (maybe thousands) of RealAudio sites are scattered around the world, providing music, news, and entertainment over the Internet. Just think, with RealAudio, you can now host that underground radio program you've been dreaming about since you were 12.

The only way to really get a good feel for what RealAudio can do is to download the player and explore yourself. We use RealAudio everyday to list to news briefs, catch live concerts, and even sports events. Go for the gusto and find out more at:

By the way, Progressive Networks just broke into the video market. As of March 1997, they released a beta of their new RealPlayer, which can access both audio and video streams. RealPlayer is not as good a television, but it is a great leap forward. While you are at their Web site, read up on it and get the player!

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