HTML Frames

In This Chapter

* Deciding about framing

* Marking up your HTML with frames

* Framing your Web

* Viewing framed Web sites

Frames delineate, outline, and give structure to HTML documents while providing for movement of information within and between the frames. In this chapter, we discuss the common ground between Netscape and Microsoft implementations of frames and show you, step-by-step, how you can use frames to enhance your Web pages.

This chapter gives you a basic understanding of frames. To get more information about frames, check out Chapter 3 of our companion book MORE HTML For Dummies, 2nd Edition, (IDG Books Worldwide, Inc.). So, if you like what you see in this chapter and want to learn the really down and dirty details of frames, go get MORE HTML For Dummies (be sure to get the second edition!)

More information on the latest innovations in frames is readily available at the following WWW sites:

However, be forewarned that the second URL listed here (the Microsoft one) is the front page to their entire HTML authoring area. Microsoft seems to change the layout and content of this site every 30 seconds, so you are on your own in locating the frame-related materials. Don't fret, they are in there -- somewhere.

HTML Frames Overview

Framing Your Web

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