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<H1>Welcome to HTML for Dummies</H1>
You have reached the <I>HTML for Dummies</I> Web Pages, a charming, and hopefully helpful, addition to the WWW universe. These pages are designed to aid you in three key areas:&nbsp;<BR>
<BR><IMG SRC="../../graphics/dotred.gif" HEIGHT=14 WIDTH=14> To help you find current information on the Web about HTML&nbsp;
<BR><IMG SRC="../../graphics/dotred.gif" HEIGHT=14 WIDTH=14> To provide working examples and code for all the Web tricks in the book&nbsp;<BR><IMG SRC="../../graphics/dotred.gif" HEIGHT=14 WIDTH=14> To introduce <I>HTML for Dummies</I>
- your friendliest resource for HTML material offline!&nbsp;<BR>
<BR>To get on with your exploration of these pages, you can use the MENU or NEXT buttons. MENU will send you to the master ordered list of available pages. NEXT will take you page by page through all the information here.&nbsp;
<BR>Please spend some time exploring, and be sure to e-mail us your comments, if you feel so inclined. Enjoy!&nbsp;
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