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<A NAME="TOC"></A>Table of Contents</P>
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<A HREF="#SEC1">Section 1.</A><BR>
<A HREF="#SEC2">Section 2.</A><BR>
<A HREF="#SEC3">Section 3.</A><BR>
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<H2>CFR Section 1.</H2>
<P>Text of section 1 is here.<BR>
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<H2><A NAME="SEC2"></A>CFR Section 2.</H2>
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<A HREF="#TOC">(TOC)</A></P>
<H2><A NAME="SEC3"></A>CFR Section 3.</H2>
<P>Text of section 3 is here.<BR>
<A HREF="#TOC">(TOC)</A></P>

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Table of Contents

Section 1.
Section 2.
Section 3.

CFR Section 1.

Text of section 1 is here.

CFR Section 2.

Text of section 2 is here.

CFR Section 3.

Text of section 3 is here.