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<UL> Unordered List

Definition: An unordered list usually consists of a bulleted list of items. In HTML 3.0, you have the power to create without bullets, to customize the bullets, and to wrap list items vertically or horizontally for multicolumn lists. <UL> must be the first list tag. It is optionally followed by a list header (<LH>caption</LH>, then by the first list item (<LI>), and always closed with </UL>.

Standard Attributes: CLASS, CLEAR, ID, LANG, MD, SRC



Use this attribute to stop bullets from being displayed @md e.g. <UL PLAIN>.


DINGBAT specifies an iconic image to be used as a bullet. The icon must be specified as an entity name @md an appendix of this specification lists standard entity names for HTML 3.0.


Use the WRAP attribute to create multicolumn lists. If you want to arrange the list items down the page before you wrap to the next column, use wrap=vert. Using wrap=horiz will let you arrange the items across the page (which may be less useful). It's the user agent's responsibility to decide how many columns are appropriate.


COMPACT tells the user agent to use reduced interitem spacing. There are actually several ways to increase a list's compactness: smaller font size, reduced vertical interitem spacing, or even avoidance of line breaks between items. It's best to handle this through the class attribute and associated style sheets.

Context: <UL> is legal within

<BANNER>, <BODY>, <BODYTEXT>, <DD>, <DIV>, <FIGTEXT>, <FN>, <FORM>, <LI>, <NOTE>, <TD>, <TH>

The following markup can be used within <UL>

<LH>, <LI>

Suggested style/usage: Close Tag: REQUIRED




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