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<TITLE> Title

Definition: A TITLE element is something that every HTML document must have. It is the title's job to identify the document's contents in a global context. It can be used as a label for the window that displays the document, or in a history list. Titles, unlike headings, aren't usually shown in the text of a document itself.

Each document is only allowed to have a single TITLE, which must occur within the document's head. The element cannot contain highlighting, anchors, or paragraph tags.

Although long titles are sometimes truncated in some applications, the length of titles is not limited. It's a good idea to keep your titles under 64 characters for maximum effect @md and remember that a short, undescriptive title such as "Introduction" may be useless out of context.

Attributes: None

Context: <TITLE> is legal within


The following markup can be used within <TITLE> None

Suggested style/usage: Close Tag: REQUIRED


<TITLE>My Neat Page</TITLE>


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