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<SUP> Superscript

Definition: <SUP> indicates that the text it encloses should be displayed as a superscript, and, if feasible, in a smaller font (in comparison with normal text). The only place that the ALIGN attribute for SUP is applicable is inside the MATH element.

Standard Attributes: CLASS, ID, LANG



You can use the ALIGN attribute to override the default positioning. Superscripts and subscripts are typically placed to the right of the term to which they apply, while limits are usually placed above or below the symbol they're affecting.

* align=right: Places the script or limit to the right of the term.

* align=left: Places the scripts to the left of the term.

* align=center: Centers the script on the term. The script is placed below the term for subscripts and above it for superscripts.

Context: <SUP> is legal within

<A>, <ABBREV>, <ABOVE>, <ACRONYM>, <ADDRESS>, <AU>, <B>, <BANNER>, <BAR>, <BELOW>, <BIG>, <BODY>, <BODYTEXT>, <BOX>, <BT>, <CAPTION>, <CITE>, <CODE>, <CREDIT>, <DD>, <DDOT>, <DEL>, <DFN>, <DIV>, <DOT>, <DT>, <EM>, <FIGTEXT>, <FN>, <FORM>, <H1>, <H2>, <H3>, <H4>, <H5>, <H6>, <HAT>, <I>, <INS>, <ITEM>, <KBD>, <LANG>, <LH>, <LI>, <MATH>, <NOTE>, <OF>, <P>, <PERSON>, <Q>, <ROOT>, <S>, <SAMP>, <SMALL>, <SQRT>, <STRONG>, <SUB>, <SUP>, <T>, <TD>, <TH>, <TILDE>, <TT>, <U>, <VAR>, <VEC>

The following markup can be used within <SUP>

<A>, <ABBREV>, <ACRONYM>, <AU>, <B>, <BIG>, <BR>, <CITE>, <CODE>, <DEL>, <DFN>, <EM>, <I>, <IMG>, <INS>, <KBD>, <LANG>, <MATH>, <PERSON>, <Q>, <S>, <SAMP>, <SMALL>, <STRONG>, <SUB>, <SUP>, <TAB>, <TT>, <U>, <VAR>

Suggested style/usage: Close Tag: REQUIRED

Examples: A<SUP>2</SUP>+B<SUP>2</SUP>=C<SUP>2</SUP>


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