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<PRE> Preformatted Text

Definition: When you use <PRE>, preformatted text that exists between the start and end PRE tags is rendered using a fixed width font. With its use, repeated whitespace characters are collapsed into single space characters and line breaks are automatically introduced. Whitespace characters are also treated literally.

<PRE> also makes line breaks within the text be rendered as a move to the next line's beginning. Line breaks are the only exception to this rule @md when they are immediately following the initial PRE tag or immediately preceding the final PRE tag, they should be ignored. Although the <P> tag should be avoided, for the sake of robustness, it is recommended that agent users treat these as line breaks. It is permissible to use character highlighting and anchor elements, as well as FORM elements. You can also exploit the fixed width font to control layout, although either the TABLE or TAB elements will produce similar control for normal text. It is advisable to avoid block-like elements such as lists, headers, and TABLES and FIG.

Use of the horizontal tab character (which is encoded as decimal 9 in US ASCII and ISO 8859-1) is interpreted as the smallest nonzero number of spaces that can leave the number of characters on the line as a multiple of 8. Its use is discouraged.

Standard Attributes: CLASS, CLEAR, ID, LANG



Width can be optionally used to specify the number of characters that would ideally be displayed in the current window's width. The user agent may exploit this suggestion in selecting an appropriate font size. The default width is 80 characters. Widths of 40, 80, and 132 characters should be presented optimally when the WIDTH attribute is supported, and other widths should be rounded up.

Context: <PRE> is legal within

<BANNER>, <BODY>, <BODYTEXT>, <DD>, <DIV>, <FIGTEXT>, <FN>, <FORM>, <LI>, <NOTE>, <TD>, <TH>

The following markup can be used within <PRE>

<A>, <ABBREV>, <ACRONYM>, <AU>, <B>, <BIG>, <BR>, <CITE>, <CODE>, <DEL>, <DFN>, <EM>, <I>, <IMG>, <INS>, <KBD>, <LANG>, <MATH>, <PERSON>, <Q>, <S>, <SAMP>, <SMALL>, <STRONG>, <SUB>, <SUP>, <TAB>, <TT>, <U>, <VAR>

Suggested style/usage: Close Tag: REQUIRED


names age
Bobby 6
Jenny 7
Eddie 5


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