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<FORM> Form

Definition: HTML fill-out forms, which are specified as part of an HTML document, are useful for questionnaires, order forms, data entry, hotel reservations, passwords, and many other applications. The user simply fills in the form and then submits it. The user agent is then responsible for sending the form's contents in the manner specified by the FORM element.

The following kinds of fields are supported in HTML 3.0:

* Checkboxes

* Scribble on image

* Simple text fields

* Multi-line text fields

* Radio buttons

* Range controls (knobs or sliders)

* Single/multiple choice menus

* File widgets that attach files to forms

* Submit buttons that send form contents

* Reset buttons that reset fields to their initial values

* Hidden fields that contain book keeping information



This attribute is a URL that specifies the location to which the form's contents are submitted to elicit a response. The URL for the document itself is assumed if the ACTION is missing. The manner in which the data is submitted varies according to the URL's access protocol, and to the values of the ENCTYPE and METHOD attributes.


METHOD is used to specify variations in the protocol that is used to send the form's contents. At this time, it is restricted to POST or GET (which is the default). METHOD allows user agents to see which HTTP methods are supported by the server.


ENCTYPE specifies which MIME context type is to be used to encode the form's contents. It defaults to the string "application/x-www-form-urlencoded".


SCRIPT can be used to give a URI to a script. HTML 3.0 specification does not include the interface with the user agent and the scripting language.

Context: <FORM> is legal within

<BANNER>, <BODY>, <BODYTEXT>, <DD>, <DIV>, <FIGTEXT>, <FN>, <LI>, <NOTE>, <TD>, <TH>

The following markup can be used within <FORM>

<A>, <ABBREV>, <ACRONYM>, <ADDRESS>, <AU>, <B>, <BIG>, <BLOCKQUOTE>, <BQ>, <BR>, <CITE>, <CODE>, <DEL>, <DFN>, <DIR>, <DIV>, <DL>, <EM>, <FIG>, <FN>, <FORM>, <H1>, <H2>, <H3>, <H4>, <H5>, <H6>, <HR>, <I>, <IMG>, <INPUT>, <INS>, <ISINDEX>, <KBD>, <LANG>, <MATH>, <MENU>, <NOTE>, <OL>, <P>, <PERSON>, <PRE>, <Q>, <S>, <SAMP>, <SELECT>, <SMALL>, <STRONG>, <SUB>, <SUP>, <TAB>, <TABLE>, <TEXTAREA>, <TT>, <U>, <UL>, <VAR>

Suggested style/usage: Close Tag: REQUIRED

Examples: See Chapters 10 and 13 for detailed information and forms examples.


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