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<FIG> Figure

Definition: This element is used for figures. If there is enough room, subsequent elements will be flowed around the figure, although this behavior is disabled when justify or center (the default) is the align attribute.

Standard Attributes: CLASS, CLEAR, ID, LANG



When NOFLOW is present, it disables text flow around the figure. It also lets you avoid using the NEEDS or CLEAR attributes on the following element.


SRC specifies the graphical content of a figure, while the image is specified as a URI. You may see this attribute together with the MD attribute.


MD specifies a cryptographic checksum or message digest for the associated graphic (specified by the SRC attribute). Use it when you want to make sure that a linked object is the same one that was intended by the document's author, and that the object hasn't been modified at all. Elements which support URI-based links generally allow the MD attribute.


Specifies horizontal alignment of the figure:

* BLEEDLEFT: Flush left with the left (window) border.

* LEFT: Flush left with the left text margin.

* CENTER: The figure is centered between the text margins and text flow around the figure is disabled. This is the default setting for ALIGN.

* RIGHT: Flush right with the right text margin.

* BLEEDRIGHT: Flush right with the right (window) border

* JUSTIFY: When applicable the figure should be magnified or reduced to fill the space between the left and right text margins. Text flow around the figure is disabled for align=justify.


WIDTH specifies what the desired width is in pixels or in units (according to what the value of the UNITS attribute is). A user agent may scale this figure image to match this width.


HEIGHT is used to specify the desired height in pixels or units (according to what the value of the UNITS attribute is). A user agent may scale the figure image to match this height.


UNITS is used to specify what the choice of units is for both width and height. Units=pixels, which is the default, specifies pixels, and units=en specifices en units (the en unit is a typographical unit that is equal to one-half the point size).


Use IMAGEMAP to specify a URI for processing drags and image clicks.

Context: <FIG> is legal within

<BANNER>, <BODY>, <BODYTEXT>, <DD>, <DIV>, <FIGTEXT>, <FN>, <FORM>, <LI>, <NOTE>, <TD>, <TH>

The following markup can be used within <FIG>


Suggested style/usage: Close Tag: REQUIRED


<FIG SRC=images/trans001.gif>
<FIGTEXT>A list of moods</FIGTEXT>
<LI>very mad


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