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Going Public:
Serving Up Your Web Pages

In This Part...

Having survived the rigors of testing and the eye-popping advantages of user feedback, you're finally ready to publish your Web pages and invite the world on in. In this part of the book you'll learn the brutal truth about getting your message out to the users who stop by to visit your site.

In fact, just because you've got some pages doesn't mean the world will beat a path to your door. You need to be prepared to deliver those pages on a Web server, and you'll want to decide whether that server should be yours or if you should join forces with a service provider to play host to your content. Chapter 17 will help uncover the costs and consequences of the "build versus buy" decision when it comes to Web servers.

When your pages are available for public access, you can then start worrying about how to publicize their availability. Chapter 18 takes you through the kind of public relations blitz you might want to undertake to drag the world to your Web site, hopefully without too much kicking or screaming. Along the way, you'll learn about acceptable use policies on the Internet and where to draw the line between "tasteful self-promotion" and "shameless hype." Maybe you can prevent a potential flame war, just by observing a few discreet rules of netiquette!

Once you've lived with your Web pages for awhile, you'll have to learn how to live with change. Your content will get stale and need updating, your links will grow cold, and you'll have to run to keep up with the relentless changes in your content and your users' interests. Chapter 19 helps to brace you for this activity. We hope you'll learn to think of maintenance as an adventure and a way of life, rather than as a total waste of time! Just remember, repeat visits to your pages require a regular refreshment of the value that they can provide.

All in all, you should be ready to deal with the public on its own terms by the time you've completed this part of the book. If you're ready for change, you'll be ready for anything!


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