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Debugging Web Pages

In This Part...

We've tried to repeatedly stress the idea that once you think you've finished your HTML documents, only then does the real work begin. None of the subsequent effort is as important, demanding, and persnickety as the focus for this part of the book -- namely, checking your work, and testing your pages to make sure they behave the way you want them to.

Testing involves everything from spell-checking your content, to tracing each and every link on each individual page to make sure that all the pieces hook together properly. In Chapter 15, we'll take you through a semi-formal approach to testing that should prepare you to thoroughly check your work.

In Chapter 16, the really crucial side of testing comes into play -- that is, once you've checked your work to make sure it's mechanically correct and accurate, you need to make sure that your content is being properly communicated. This means interacting with prospective users, soliciting their feedback, and then acting on what they have to say. Then, because you need to re-check your work each time you make a change to one of your pages, you get to start all over again, before you can proceed any further.

You may ask yourself "What's the point of testing, if it means more work and re-work?" The answer, in a word, is quality: in this part of the book, in addition to explaining the mechanics and methods of testing and working with feedback, we'll also justify the effort involved by the results it produces. If you want quality Web pages that create a positive impression of you or your organization, testing is a crucial ingredient. By the time you work through the next two chapters, we sincerely hope you'll agree!


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