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Advanced HTML

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Once you've mastered the basics of HTML markup, you'll really begin to appreciate the wonderful things your documents can do for the Web (and that the Web can do for your documents). In this part of the book, you'll tackle the composition of complex pages, plus you'll learn how to use HTML's advanced features to solicit user input and to use graphics for navigation.

Along the way, we hope you start to develop an appreciation for readable page styles and begin to apply some of the ideas, tools, and techniques we provide along the way. This is your first real exposure to all of the capabilities that make Web pages beautiful and exciting, so we hope you'll take advantage of what you learn.

On the other hand, none of these bells and whistles should diminish your fixation on content. Users may wander by your pages and be sucked in by sexy graphics or compelling layouts, but what will keep them in your thrall is the quality and readability of your content. So don't let all the wonderful formats, layouts, and other bells and whistles you'll be learning about in this part of the book get in the way — the idea is to enhance your content, not obliterate it!


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