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A Tour of HTML Basics

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Ok, this is where things really start to get interesting. In this part of the book, you'll get to know — and hopefully, love — the syntax and capabilities of the HyperText Markup Language. You'll begin with a general look at what markup languages are all about to help you better understand what's behind the strange sequences of characters that make HTML do its thing.

Then you'll get a look at the whole set of markup tags that make up HTML, from A to V. Sorry, there's no markup these days that starts with any of the remaining letters of the alphabet — W, X, Y, or Z — except for some codes that are now obsolete. While you're learning about each tag, you'll get a chance to examine its syntax, attributes, and how it relates to all the other tags. You'll also see examples for most tags, including the occasional screen shot that shows how they display.

After you've worked your way through the tags, you'll learn how HTML represents special characters, including the symbols that ordinarily indicate to browsers that they're part of the markup language itself. You'll continue your tour with a table of character codes that covers everything from A to Z, and ~ to |, and way beyond, as we take you through the ISO-Latin-1 character set for HTML. By the time you're through, you'll have seen most of what there is to see under the HTML 2.0 umbrella.

Then, we conclude the chapter with two chapters on building HTML documents, to help you put all this terminology and the library of HTML's markup tags to work. In Chapter 7, we'll start you out gently, and teach you how to build a basic Web page. Then in Chapter 8, we turn up the heat and show you how to add a little flair and impact to your Web pages. By the time you've finished this part of the book, you'll not only know about the HTML markup language, you'll have had a chance to see it in action, and to try it out for yourself!


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