Glossary - R


RAM (Random-Access Memory)
the memory used in most computers to store the results of ongoing work, and that provides space to store the operating system and applications that are actually running at any given moment.
when applied to URLs, relative means that in the absence of the <BASE> tag, the link is relative to the current page's URL in which the link is defined. This makes for shorter, more compact URLs and explains why most local URLs are relative, not absolute.
any HTML document or other item or service available via the Web. Resources are what URLs point to.
return (short for "carriage return")
in text files, a return is what causes the words on a line to end and makes the display pick up at the leftmost location on the display. As used in this book, it means don't hit the Enter or Return key on your keyboard in the middle of a line of HTML markup or a URL specification.
a special Web-traveling program that wanders all over the place, following and recording URLs and related titles for future reference (like in search engines).
ROM (Read-Only Memory)
a form of computer memory that allows values to be stored only once; after the data is initially recorded, the computer can only read the contents. ROMs are used to supply constant code elements like bootstrap loaders, network addresses, and other more or less unvarying programs or instructions.
a special-purpose piece of internetworking gear that makes it possible to connect networks together, a router is capable of reading the destination address of any network packet. It can forward the packet to a local recipient if its address resides on any network that the router can reach, or on to another router if the packet is destined for delivery to a network that the current router cannot access.


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