Glossary - N


in the context of the Web, navigation refers to the use of hyperlinks to move within or between HTML documents and other Web-accessible resources.
navigation bar
a way of arranging a series of hypertext links on a single line of a Web page to provide a set of navigation controls for an HTML document or a set of HTML documents.
NCSA (National Center for Supercomputing Applications)
a research unit of the University of Illinois at Urbana, where the original Mosaic implementation was built, and where the NCSA httpd Web server code is maintained and distributed.
in computer terms, one structure that occurs within another is said to be nested; in HTML, nesting happens most commonly with list structures which may be freely nested within one another, regardless of type.
a networking takeoff on the term, "etiquette", netiquette refers to the written and unwritten rules of behavior on the Internet. When in doubt if an activity is permitted or not, ask first, and then act only if no one objects (check the FAQ for a given area, too -- it will often explicitly state the local rules of netiquette for a newsgroup, mailing list, etc.).
network link
the tie that binds a computer to a network; for dial-in Internet users, this will usually be a telephone link; for directly-attached users, it will be whatever kind of technology (Ethernet, token-ring, FDDI, etc.) is in local use.
numeric entity
a special markup element that reproduces a particular character from the ISO-Latin-1 character set, a numeric entity takes the form &#nnn; where nnn is the 1, 2 or 3-digit numeric code that corresponds to a particular character (Chapter 8 contains a complete list of these codes).


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