Glossary - G


a type of computer program that knows how to connect to two or more different kinds of networks, and to translate information from one side's format to the other's, and vice versa. Common types of gateways include e-mail, database, and communications.

an abbreviation for Graphics Information File, gif is one of a set of commonly used graphics formats within Web documents, because of its compressed format and compact nature.

a program/protocol developed at the University of Minnesota, Gopher provides for unified, menu-driven presentation of a variety of Internet services, including WAIS, Telnet, and FTP.

in HTML documents, graphics are files that belong to one of a restricted family of types (usually GIF or JPEG) that are referenced via URLs for in-line display on Web pages.

an abbreviation for "general regular expresssion parser" grep is a standard UNIX program that looks for patterns found in files and reports on their occurrences. grep handles a wide range of patterns, including so-called "regular expressions" which can use all kinds of substitutions and wild cards to provide powerful search-and-replace operations within files.

GUI (Graphical User Interface)
(pronounced "gooey") GUIs are what make graphical Web browsers possible; they create a visually-oriented interface that makes it easy for users to interact with computerized information of all kinds.


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