We have recently discovered that we are not perfect. What a shock! Due to this fact, our writing reflects this at times, so we had to review our materials to correct a few mistakes, misprints and oversights in the first edition of the book.

The first edition has been through three printings. You can tell which printing your copy is from by looking on the copyright page. (The page facing the "For More Information..." page.) You should see a list of numbers near the middle of the page, counting down from left to right. The last number, the one on the right, is the printing number. (Also, IDG was nice enough to write out the printing number above this number code line)

We have done our best to locate and list the errors here by section and chapter. This list was compiled from your email and our staff. If you have a first edition copy of the book - you will need to use the following list to correct your copy. (Yeah, you can write in your own book!)

A plain text version of this file is available here: errata.txt

Front Matter

About the Authors
1st paragraph: Make "NetWare for Dummies" italic i.e., NetWare for Dummies
2nd paragraph: Change Mike Irwin to Mike Erwin. i.e., Delete I, replace with E
3rd paragraph: Put commas in last sentence. i.e., ... and Jeff Evans for providing Macintosh HTML tools, screen shots, and advice.
5th paragraph: Change out to our. i.e., And last, but certainly not least, our thanks to all of the...

Page xxxix
First line: change Book excerpts [2/2] to Book excerpts [1/2].

Page xl
Under Non Windows Users: transpose the y and r in Michael Stewart's e-mail address. i.e., change mcintrye to mcintyre. Also, delete comma and space from .sit, .hqx. i.e., .sit.hqx,

Chapter 1

Page 15
3rd paragraph: Insert Internet. i.e., Enterprise Integration Internet Galaxy

Chapter 2

Page 22
3rd paragraph: make cd italic. i.e., they're told that the cd command works...

Page 25
6th paragraph: insert colon. i.e., An additional tip would be: do not rely...

Page 26
2nd paragraph: insert former. i.e., one Web aficionado, former MIT student...

Chapter 3

Page 34
2nd paragraph in 1st box: change vertern to veteran

Page 37
3rd paragraph: replace "subset of" to language defined by. i.e., HTML is a language defined by a larger markup language, SGML...

Page 41
Table 3-2: Change transfer rates to the following:
Transfer Rate    Transfer Rate After Compression
3413.3 sec 853.3 sec 1706.7 sec 426.7 sec 853.3 sec 213.3 sec 568.9 sec 142.2 sec 417.9 sec 104.5 sec 344.2 sec 86.1 sec 284.4 sec 71.1 sec 128 sec 32 sec

Chapter 4

Page 52
2nd line in table: capitalize kh. i.e., change 8khz to 8KHz.

Chapter 5

Page 64
2nd paragraph: change chapter 22 to Chapter 11. i.e., ...consult Chapters 11 and 27.

Chapter 6

Page 87
Make numbers in numbered list bold or use larger font.

Chapter 7

Page 99
Under <HR> horizontal rule, insert the following:
<PRE>...</PRE> Preformatted text Lays out preformatted text in monspace font.

Page 101
Layout Elements: insert preformatted text, i.e. lengthy quotes, preformatted text, and...

Pages 118 and 119
the phrases "Good Style" and "Bad Style" should also be set as HTML code in Sans Serif font.

Page 121
under This image is a bogus button... change to code style.

Page 127
In <LI>, insert [...</LI>]. i.e., <LI> [...</LI].

Page 128
Delete the following sentence:
As a singleton tag, no markup can be used within <LI>.
Insert the following:
The following markup can be used within <LI>...</LI> (the end tag is optional):

Page 131
insert the following section:

Page 140
In Figure 7-18: delete comma and insert to. i.e., ...same line repeatedly to measure...

Chapter 8

Page 146
transpose table headers Numeric Entity and Character Entity.

Page 147
transpose table headers Numeric Entity and Character Entity
Also, on 8th line, change the character printed for Apostrophe from a left-angled Quotation mark to a real Apostrophe (e.g. ')

Page 148
transpose table headers Numeric Entity and Character Entity.
Also, transpose the 6 and the ;. i.e., &#124;

Page 149
insert &ETH; &#208; Capital Eth, Icelandic between &#207 and &#209.
Also, transpose table headers Numeric Entity and Character Entity.

Page 150
transpose table headers Numeric Entity and Character Entity:
&Yacute; &#221; Capital Y, acute accent
&THORN &#222; Capital THORN, Icelandic

Page 151
transpose table headers Numeric Entity and Character Entity:
&eth; &#240; Small eth, Icelandic,
&yacute; &#253; Small y, acute accent
&thorn; &#254; small thorn, Icelandic.

Chapter 11

Page 200
under Hypertext links..., the brackets in the coded paragraph are in the wrong font.

Chapter 16

Page 278
4th paragraph: insert comma. i.e., For serious researchers, or to make...

Chapter 17

Page 292
Under Test method... #2, change the plus-minus sign to an "em" dash

Page 294
2nd paragraph, replace ask with answer. i.e., They answer the questions...

Chapter 19

Page 312
1st paragraph: insert s. i.e., ...If your space becomes...
Also, delete they & replace with it. i.e., it's possible it may be...

Chapter 20

Page 323
4th paragraph: insert to. i.e., ...FAQ, and to spend a few days...

Page 325
2nd paragraph: replace Although with But. i.e., ...But this is...
Also, insert and technology to end of sentence. i.e., ...of online transactions and technology...
Also, under NSFNET Backbone... change font of the section as it is quoted material. Change font through numbered items on Page 326.

Chapter 22

Page 346
delete duplicate line: http://dragon.acadiau...

Chapter 23

Page 355
Under Pros: change ismaps to <ISMAP>s

Chapter 24

Page 372
under Evaluation: change Mosaic to Sun Microsystems

Page 374
Under Pros: delete period before parentheses and put it at the end of the sentence.

Chapter 25

Page 394
4th paragraph under Templates, add s i.e., ...document, and lets you insert...


Page 422
Under character entity: use sans serif font on string in the following sentence: ... are mandatory metacharacters, and string names the...

Page 425
under error message, last line: change its to their. i.e., ...tragic for their recipients.

Page 427
under httpd: make httpd italic. i.e., ...thus, an httpd is a ...

Page 434
under tree structure(d): change longer to larger. i.e., ...especially larger, more complex...
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