Ed Tittel is the author of numerous books about computing and a contributing editor to WindowsUser magazine. He's the co-author (with Bob LeVitus) of three best-selling books: Stupid DOS Tricks, Stupid Windows Tricks, and Stupid Beyond Belief DOS Tricks. He's also a co-author (with Deni Connor and Earl Follis) of the best-selling NetWare for Dummies, now in its second edition. These days, he's turning his focus to Internet-related topics and activities, both as a writer and as a member of the NetWorld + Interop program committee.

Ed's last "real job"was as the director of technical marketing for Novell, Inc. In this position, he tried his best to control technical content for Novell's corporate trade shows, marketing communications, and presentations. He has been a frequent speaker on LAN-related topics at industry events, and was even a course developer for Novell in San Jose, where he designed and maintained several introductory LAN training classes.

Ed has been a regular contributor to the computer trade press since 1987, and he has written more than 100 articles for a variety of publications, with a decided emphasis on networking technology. These publications include Computerworld, InfoWorld, LAN Times, LAN Magazine, BYTE, Macworld, MacUser, NetGuide and IWAY. He is also a regular columnist and contributing editor for MAXIMIZE! magazine.

You can contact him at
 512-452-8018 (FAX)
 CompuServe ID: 76376,606
 Internet e-mail: etittel@zilker.net


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