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Covers the Latest Version of HTML!

The Fun and Easy Way to Learn Hypertext Markup Language (HTML)

Your Guided Tour to Building Better Web Pages

The Web Publishing Process--Explained in Plain English


Includes Ready-to-Use Web Page Templates + Special Utilities


Ed Tittel (Windows columnist for MAXIMIZE! magazine) & Steve James

"It's so easy to create a bad looking home page. HTML For Dummies will help you avoid the common pitfalls and keep you looking great on the Net."
 ---Carl de Cordova, Senior Technical Engineer, Apple Computer, Inc.

Now anyone can learn the ins and outs of Hypertext Markup Language---the language used to develop and design Web documents. HTML For Dummies will give you the know-how and confidence to design attractive and informative Web pages in a flash! Become king of the World Wide Web jungle by seeing how to create your own Web pages!

Master HTML commands and syntax to build Web pages and develop a Net presence
Learn how to use HTML effectively with text, images, video, and audio
Get a complete overview of the Web's publication process from design to maintenance
Find pointers to tons of on-line resources---more information right at your fingertips
Find reviews of Web authoring tools for UNIX, Windows, and the Macintosh
Build on-screen, interactive forms to solicit information and feedback from your readers
Use helpful HTML style and layout tips so you can design better looking Web pages

Plus, Ed and Steve's Top Ten:

 HTML Dos and Don'ts
 Decimating Web Bugs
 Design Desiderata (Desirable Things)
 Decide to Build or Buy Your Web Services

If you can find your keys in the morning, you can become an HTML author using HTML For Dummies! This is the best way for you to explore the World Wide Web.

This is the simplest way to learn about the Internet! Ask for IDG's ...For Dummies books on all your favorite or not-so-favorite Internet topics including Mosaic For Dummies and TCP/IP For Dummies.

About the Authors:

Ed Tittel is the author of IDG's Netware For Dummies, as well as a contributing editor to MAXIMIZE! Magazine. When not writing, Ed spends his time consulting on networking and Internet-related topics.

Steve James is a 15-year veteran of the computer industry. Steve is founder of SNJames Consulting where he writes, designs, and produces World Wide Web pages using HTML.

Technical Review by:

Mark Gaither, Software Engineer, HaL Systems

Disk Contents:

Ready-to-Use Web Page Templates---post a home page right away!

Bonus software to expand the power of your Web server: date/time stamp, graphic image
 mapping program, access counter, and more!

Working implementations of every HTML example in the book give you a jump start

Built-in installation program makes the disk easy to use

Format: 1 3.5" HD disk


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