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Part I: Building Better Web Pages

1: The Web's THE Place to Be! - URLs

2: Getting Hyper - URLs

3: What's In a Page - URLs

Part II: A Tour of HTML Basics

4: What's a Markup Language? - Examples

5: Pigeonholing Page Contents: HTML Categories - Examples

6: Introducing The Unrepresentable: HTML Entities - URLs - Examples

7: Building Basic HTML Documents - URLs - Examples

8: Beyond Basics: Add a Little HTML Flair - URLs - Examples

Part III: Advanced HTML

9: Going High-Rise: Building Complex Pages - URLs - Examples

10: Strictly Pro Forma: Using Forms for Feedback - Examples

11: The Map's The Thing! - URLs

12: Stick Out Your Neck: HTML Extensions - URLs - Examples

Part IV: Beyond HTML? CGI Scripting and "Real" Applications

13: The Common Gateway Interface (CGI) - URLs

14: Help Them Find Their Way: Aids to Web and Document Navigation - URLs

Part V: Call The Exterminator: Debugging Web Pages

15: Testing, Testing, 1-2-3 - URLs

16: It Doesn't Matter What YOU Think

Part VI: Going Public: Serving Up Your Web Pages

17: So You've Woven a Web, What Now? - URLs

18: If You Build It, Will They Come? - URLs

19: The More Things Change...

Part VII: It's Tool-time: HTML Development Tools and Environments

20: Using Unix Uniformly - URLs

21: More Macintosh Madness - URLs

22: Webbing Up Windows - URLs

Part VIII: The Part of Tens

23: The Top Ten Web Page Do's and Don'ts - URLs

24: Ten Design Desiderata

25: Decimating Web Bugs - URLs

26: Ten Ways to Decide to Build or Buy Your Web Services



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