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Stick Out Your Neck! HTML Extensions

If Your Browser Can't See It, Is It Really There?

The State of the HTML Art

A "simple explanation" for browser diversity
Vive la difference: adding value... or adding confusion?

What's in Store for HTML?

HTML 2.0 Rules!
HTML 3.0 is still developing...but it's already passé!
Evolving HTML standards

Proposed Standard HTML Extensions

<A> Anchor
<ABBREV> Abbrev
<ABOVE> Math Line Above
<ACRONYM> Acronym
<ADDRESS> Address
<ARRAY> Math Array
<ATOP> Math Box Atop
<AU> Author
<B> Bold
<BANNER> Document Banner
<BASE> Document Base
<BELOW> Math Line Below
<BIG> Big Print
<BODY> Document Body
<BODYTEXT> Body Text
<BOX> Math Box
<BQ> Blockquote
<BR> Line Break
<BT> Bold Upright
<CAPTION> Caption
<CHOOSE> Math Box Choose
<CITE> Citation
<CODE> Code
<CREDIT> Credit
<DD> Definition List Definition
<DEL> Deleted Text
<DFN> Definition
<DIR> Directory List
<DIV> Document Divisions
<DL> Definition List
<DT> Definition List Term
<EM> Emphasis
<FIG> Figure
<FIGTEXT> Figure Text
<FN> Footnotes
<FORM> Form
<H*> Document Headings
<HEAD> Document Head
<HR> Horizontal Rule
<HTML> Main document head
<I> Italics
<IMG> Image
<INPUT> Form Input
<INS> Inserted Text
<ISINDEX> Is Indexed
<ITEM> Math Array Item
<KBD> Keyboard Text
<LANG> Language
<LEFT> Math Box Left
<LH> List Heading
<LI> List Item
<LINK> Document Link
<MATH> Mathematics
<MENU> Menu List
<META> Meta
<NOTE> Admonishments
<OF> Math Root Of
<OL> Ordered List
<OPTION> From Select Option
<OVER> Math Box Over
<OVERLAY> Overlay
<P> Paragraph
<PERSON> Person
<PRE> Preformatted Text
<Q> Quotation
<RANGE> Range of a Document
<RIGHT> Math Box Right
<ROOT> Math Root
<ROW> Math Array Row
<S> Strikethrough
<SAMP> Sample
<SELECT> Form Select
<SMALL> Small Print
<SPOT> Spot ID
<SQRT> Math Square Root
<STRONG> Strong
<STYLE> Style Notation
<SUB> Subscript
<SUP> Superscript
<T> Upright
<TAB> Horizontal Tab
<TABLE> Tablex
<TD> Table Data Cell
<TH> Table Header Cell
<TEXT> Math Text
<TEXTAREA> Form Textarea
<TITLE> Title
<TR> Table Rows
<TT> Teletype
<U> Underline
<UL> Unordered List
<VEC>, <BAR>, <DOT>, <DDOT>, <HAT>, <TILDE> Math Vectors

Nonstandard HTML Extensions

Netscape's changes to HTML markup
New Entities:
New Tags:
<BASEFONT> Basefont
<CENTER> Center
<FONT> Font Size
<NOBR> No Break
<WBR> Word Break
Added Tag Attributes:
<BR> Line Break
<HR> Horizontal Rule
<IMG> Image
<ISINDEX> Is Indexed
<OL> Numbered List
<LI> List Item for <OL>
<UL> Bulleted List
<LI> List Item for <UL>
Microsoft's Internet Explorer
New Tags:
<AREA> Image Map Area
<BGSOUND> Background Sound
<MAP> Client Side Image Map
<MARQUEE> Marquee
Added Tag Attributes:
<BODY> Body
<CAPTION> Table Caption
<FONT> Font
<IMG> Image
<TABLE><TD><TH><TR> Table and elements

The Perils of (In)Compatibility


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