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Pigeonholing Page Contents: HTML Categories

HTML Syntax Redux

Syntax conventions are no party!
Metacharacters, anyone?
Interesting HTML properties
No embedded blanks, please!
What's the default?
The nesting instinct
A matter of context

HTML Categories


The run-down on attributes
Tag information layout
Tag layout commentary
The HTML tag team
<A> ... </A> Anchor
<ADDRESS> ... </ADDRESS> Attribution info
<B> ... </B> Bold style
<BASE> Basis for relative addressing
<BLOCKQUOTE> ... </BLOCKQUOTE> Quote style
< BODY> ... </ BODY> Mark off HTML document body
<BR> Force line break
<CITE> ... </CITE> Citation markup
<CODE> ... </CODE> Program code text
<DD> Definition description
<DIR> ... </DIR> Directory list
<DL> ... </DL> Definition List
<DT> Definition term
<EM> ... </EM> Emphasis
<FORM> ... </FORM> User input form
<H*> ... </H*> Header levels 1 through 6
<HEAD> ... </HEAD> Document head block
<HR> Horizontal rule
<HTML> ... </HTML> Main document head
<I> ... </I> Italicize text
<INPUT> Input object
<ISINDEX> Document is indexed
<KBD> ... </KBD> Keyboard text style
<LI> List item
<MENU> ... </MENU>
<OL> ... </OL> Ordered list
<PRE> ... </PRE> Preformatted style
<SAMP> ... </SAMP> Sample text
<SELECT> ... </SELECT> Select input object
<STRONG> ... </STRONG> Strong emphasis
<TEXTAREA> ... </TEXTAREA> Text input area
<TITLE> ... </TITLE> Document title
<TT> ... </TT> Teletype text
<UL> ... </UL> Unordered list style
<VAR> ... </VAR> Variable text style


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