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The Web's The Place to Be!

From Small Things, Big Things Sometimes Come

What Is the Web, and Where Is It Strung?

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Before the Web: Other Internet Navigation Tools

FTP (no, it's not about delivering flowers -- that's FTD!)
Burrowing around in Gopherspace
The beauty of mailing lists & electronic mail
Wide-Area Information Service (WAIS)

Why is the Web a "Big Deal"?

Of Browsers and Search Tools

Internet Explorer

Uniform Resources on the Web

URLs hold the keys to the Web

Danger! Explosive Growth

A Scintillating Survey of the Web, World Wide

Jumping-off points galore
Search pages, anyone?

Under the Hood: How the Web Works

Of Clients & Servers, Responses & Requests

The benefits of client/server revealed

Networking Takes Protocols

How Webs talk: the HyperText Transfer Protocol (HTTP)
The straight dope on HTTP

HTML: HyperText Markup Language

What is HTML?

Accessing the Web



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