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Foundations of World Wide Web Programming with HTML and CGI by Ed Tittel, Mark Gaither, Sebastian Hassinger & Mike Erwin
Price: $39.99 USA/$54.99 Canada
ISBN: 1-56884-703-3; Pages: 720
For a review copy or further information, contact Audrey Pobre at (408) 562-6108.


Publisher Launches Book On The World Wide Web Where Surfers Can Win A Free Copy

Foster City, CA, September 19, 1995 * Today on the World Wide Web, IDG Books Worldwide, Inc. launches Foundations of World Wide Web Programming with HTML and CGI, a comprehensive, hands-on guide to creating cutting-edge Web documents using the Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) and Common Gateway Interface (CGI) programming. This book provides programmers with tools and techniques for creating high-quality, interactive Web services that support complex user transactions. Also included with the book is a CD-ROM loaded with a large array of ready-to-run programs and code fragments that speed up and add functionality to Web pages, such as: database storage, retrieval, query posting, and on-the-fly HTML document- generation capabilities. Web surfers can register to win a free copy of the book by accessing IDG Books' WWW page at or

"Foundations of World Wide Web Programming with HTML and CGI unravels CGI and HTML while opening the door to programming dynamic Web Pages," said Amy Pedersen, Associate Publisher for IDG Books Professional Publishing Group. "This book is a must have for anyone who is creating or plans to build effective Web sites."

Foundations of WWW Programming with HTML and CGI is helpful to programmers at any level. Readers will receive in-depth coverage of HTML, the language that allows programmers to prepare documents for WWW browsing, and CGI, the interface that is used to link Web pages with behind-the-scenes programs running on Web servers. Also included is detailed coverage of WWW programming languages: Perl, JAVA, Python, C and UNIX Shells. The CD-ROM includes ready-to-run code samples, a large collection of shareware and freeware CGI programs taken off the Web, and a set of Web pages to locate all of the sites and resources mentioned in the book.

Ed Tittel (Austin, TX) is the author of twelve books about computing including IDG's HTML For Dummies and NetWare For Dummies. He is a columnist for MAXIMIZE! magazine, and is a former director of technical marketing for Novell.

Mark Gaither (Cedar Park, TX) is a software engineer at Hal Software Systems where he maintains the HaL HTML Validation Service and the HaL HTML Check Toolkit. He is a co-founder and director of the Austin WWW Users Group.

Sebastian Hassinger (Austin, TX) is an independent consultant and programmer who concentrates on all things Internet. He contributed to HTML For Dummies and has written manuals and technical white papers for a number of high-tech products.

Mike Erwin (Austin, TX) is an independent consultant and programmer obsessed with the Net. He is an expert on Internet connectivity and is President of OuterNet Connection Strategies, an Internet service provider.

IDG Books Worldwide, Inc., publishes high-quality business and computer books that bring extra value and skill-building instruction to the reader. The company applies the technical, market, and editorial knowledge of IDG, the leading publisher of technology periodicals, to provide timely and useful books that meet the information needs of consumers and professionals at all levels. IDG Books Worldwide, Inc., is one of the fastest growing book publishers with more than 300 titles in print and foreign translations in 27 languages.

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The IDG Books Professional Publishing Group's philosophy is firmly based in the belief that the programming book market is largely author-driven. You can't fool programmers with regard to programming books; they know a good one when they see it. To that end, the acquisitions process is the most rigorous in the industry.

The Professional Publishing Group will only publish books by recognized experts who have proven their ability to deliver the information programmers are demanding.


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