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# wwwwais.conf


# WWWWAIS configuration file

# 6/5/95

# Kevin Hughes, kevinh@eit.com

# Documentation at http://www.eit.com/software/wwwwais/wwwwais.html


# Apple configuration: Contact: Mike Erwin (mikee@austin.apple.com)


PageTitle "Web search of www.info.apple.com"

# If this is a string, it will be a title only.

# If it specifies an HTML file, this file will be prepended to

# wwwwais results.

SelfURL "http://www.info.apple.com/cgi-bin/wwwwais"

# The self-referencing URL for wwwwais.

MaxHits 40

# The maximum number of results to return.

SortType score

# How results are sorted. This can be "score", "lines", "bytes",

# "title", or "type".

AddrMask all

# Only addresses specified here will be allowed to use the gateway.

# For the above mask option, these rules apply:

# 1) You can use asterisks in specifying the string, at either

#    ends of the string:

#    "192.100.*", "*100*", "*2.100.2"

# 2) You can make lists of masks:

#    "*192.58.2,*.2", "*.100,*171.128*", ".58.2,*100"

# 3) A mask without asterisks will match EXACTLY:

#    ""

# 4) Define as "all" to allow all sites.

WaisqBin /wais/waisq

# The full path to your waisq program.

WaissearchBin /wais/waissearch

# The full path to your waissearch program.

SwishBin /www/cgi-bin/swish/swish

# The full path to your swish program.

WaisSource info.apple.com 210 WEB "Search Apple's WEB (WAIS)"

SourceRules replace "/wais/WEB" "http://www.info.apple.com/"

SwishSource /www/cgi-bin/swish/index.swish "Search Apple's WEB (Swish)"

# WAIS source file descriptions.

# For waisq sources:

#    WaisSource full_path_to_source/source.src "description"

# For waissearch sources:

#    WaisSource host.name port source "description"

UseIcons yes

# Define as "yes" or "no" if you do or don't want to use icons.

IconUrl http://www.info.apple.com/icons

# Where all your icons are kept.

TypeDef .html "HTML file", &ICONURL/text.xbm text/html

TypeDef .htm "HTML file", &ICONURL/text.xbm text/html

TypeDef .txt "text file", &ICONURL/text.xbm text/plain

TypeDef .ps "PostScript file", &ICONURL/image.xbm application/postscript

TypeDef .eps "PostScript file", &ICONURL/image.xbm application/postscript

TypeDef .man "man page", &ICONURL/text.xbm application/x-troff-man

TypeDef .gif "GIF image", &ICONURL/image.xbm image/gif

TypeDef .jpg "JPEG image", &ICONURL/image.xbm image/jpeg

TypeDef .pict "PICT image", &ICONURL/image.xbm image/x-pict

TypeDef .xbm "X bitmap image", &ICONURL/image.xbm image/x-xbitmap

TypeDef .au "Sun audio file", &ICONURL/sound.xbm audio/basic

TypeDef .snd "Mac audio file", &ICONURL/sound.xbm audio/basic

TypeDef .mpg "MPEG movie", &ICONURL/movie.xbm video/mpeg

TypeDef .mov "QuickTime movie", &ICONURL/movie.xbm video/quicktime

TypeDef .Z "compressed file", &ICONURL/compressed.xbm application/compress

TypeDef .gz "compressed file", &ICONURL/compressed.xbm application/gnuzip

TypeDef .zip "zipped file", &ICONURL/compressed.xbm application/zip

TypeDef .uu "uuencoded file", &ICONURL/uu.xbm application/uudecode

TypeDef .hqx "Binhex file", &ICONURL/binhex.xbm application/mac-binhex40

TypeDef .tar "tar'red file", &ICONURL/tar.xbm application/x-tar

TypeDef .c "C source", &ICONURL/text.xbm text/plain

TypeDef .pl "Perl source", &ICONURL/text.xbm text/plain

TypeDef .py "Python source", &ICONURL/text.xbm text/plain

TypeDef .tcl "TCL source", &ICONURL/text.xbm text/plain

TypeDef .src "WAIS index", &ICONURL/index.xbm text/plain

TypeDef .?? "unknown", &ICONURL/unknown.xbm text/plain

# Information for figuring out file types based on suffix.

# Suffix matching is case insensitive.

#    TypeDef .suffix "description" file://url.to.icon.for.this.type/

#    MIME-type

# You can use $ICONURL in the icon URL to substitute the root icon

# directory.


# Sample SWISH configuration file

# Kevin Hughes, kevinh@eit.com, 3/11/95

IndexDir /wais/WEB

# This is a space-separated list of files and

# directories you want indexed. You can specify

# more than one of these directives.

IndexFile index.swish

# This is what the generated index file will be.

IndexName "Index of Apple's Web"

IndexDescription "This is a full index of Apple's Web site."

IndexPointer "http://www.info.apple.com/cgi-bin/wwwwais/"

IndexAdmin "Mike W. Erwin (mikee@austin.apple.com)"

# Extra information you can include in the index file.

IndexOnly .html .htm .txt .gif .xbm .au .mov .mpg

# Only files with these suffixes will be indexed.

IndexReport 3

# This is how detailed you want reporting. You can specify numbers

# 0 to 3 - 0 is totally silent, 3 is the most verbose.

FollowSymLinks yes

# Put "yes" to follow symbolic links in indexing, else "no".

NoContents .gif .xbm .au .mov .mpg

# Files with these suffixes will not have their contents indexed -

# only their file names will be indexed.

ReplaceRules replace "/wais/WEB" "http://www.info.apple.com"

# ReplaceRules allow you to make changes to file pathnames

# before they're indexed.

FileRules pathname contains admin testing demo trash construction confidential

FileRules filename is index.html

FileRules filename contains # % ~ .bak .orig .old old.

FileRules title contains construction example pointers

FileRules directory contains .htaccess

# Files matching the above criteria will *not* be indexed.

IgnoreLimit 50 100

# This automatically omits words that appear too often in the files

# (these words are called stopwords). Specify a whole percentage

# and a number, such as "80 256". This omits words that occur in

# over 80% of the files and appear in over 256 files. Comment out

# to turn of auto-stopwording.

IgnoreWords SwishDefault

# The IgnoreWords option allows you to specify words to ignore.

# Comment out for no stopwords; the word "SwishDefault" will

# include a list of default stopwords. Words should be separated by # spaces and may span multiple directives.

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