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The Cambridge Panorama
- http://www.cam-orl.co.uk/cgi-bin/pangen

The Weather in Stockholm
- http://www.ausys.se/weather/weather.exe?medium+eng

Iguana Images
- http://iguana.images.com

PeepHole in Japan - The Peephole package is a collection of scripts and applications known to work in providing picture conversion on the Web. Some of the packages that it relies on includes: perl, pbmplus tools, cjpeg, and vidtomem.
- http://match.sfc.keio.ac.jp/peephole.html

Robotics and Automation Laboratory
- http://telerobot.mech.uwa.edu.au

San Diego traffic  NEW!
- http://www.scubed.com/caltrans/caltrans.html

Continuously Refreshing BirdCam Video
- http://ascott.com/hal/htmls/1camera.html

- http://fallscam.niagara.com

Save 25 Cents or 'Is Eric in?': The Script - This AppleScript package is distributed on the CD as a Macintosh BinHex file (.hqx) and can be converted by using StuffIt Deluxe, Compact Pro, or the BinHex 5.0 utility. It contains an AppleScript that is used to snap pictures from a locally connected camera to the Macintosh, and requires that MacHTTP be running as well as having access to a GIF file converter.
- http://www.lib.ncsu.edu/staff/morgan/save-25-cents-cgi.html

How the What I'm watching on TV Page Works. - This last AppleScript for capturing pictures and converting them on the fly has an associated instructional document available on the WWW that describes what trials and tribulations that author had undergone in its development.
- http://www.csua.berkeley.edu/~milesm/how.html

Sun's HotJava(tm) home page
- http://java.sun.com

Yahoo - Entertainment:Virtual Reality:Virtual Reality Modeling Language (VRML)
- http://www.yahoo.com/Computers_and_Internet/  _ Internet/World_Wide_Web/Virtual_Reality_Modeling_Language__VRML_/

CSC Internet-To-Real-World Gadgets
- http://csclub.uwaterloo.ca/gadgets.html

Blue Dog
- http://kao.ini.cmu.edu:5550/bdf.html

Audio-on-demand for the Internet
- http://www.realaudio.com

- http://www.emagic.com/netphone/mainblurb.html

- http://www.wpine.com/cuseeme.html

List of Internet Accessible Machines
- http://www-cgi.cs.cmu.edu/afs/cs.cmu.edu/user/bsy/www/iam.html

Yahoo - Computers:Internet:Interesting Devices Connected to the Net
- http://www.yahoo.com/Computers_and_Internet/Internet/Entertainment/Interesting_Devices_Connected_to_the_Net/

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