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Yahoo - Computers:World Wide Web:Databases and Searching:Oracle
- http://www.yahoo.com/Computers/World_Wide_Web/Databases_and_Searching/Oracle/

Oracle World Wide Web Interface Kit - Compiled by Oracle, this collection of Oracle tools and utilities is a must for anyone needing to connect their Oracle database to the WWW. The Oracle World Wide Web Interface Kit contains 5 packages, most of which require the OraPerl Package, also found on the CD that accompanies this book. The packages are: decoux, oraywww, plsql, wora, and wow.
- http://www.oracle.com/

Sybase New Media
- http://www.sybase.com/

Sybperl Distribution - SYBASE extensions for Perl5 - SybPerl is a gateway hybrid language much in the same fashion as OraPerl is. It gives the user embedded SQL calls to a SyBase Database through a PERL-like interface and scripting language. To use many of the CGIs found on the Internet, sybperl is a must to install first.
- http://www.sybase.com

- http://gdbdoc.gdb.org/letovsky/genera/genera.html

GSQL - a Mosaic-SQL gateway - GSQL is a generic form creation program intended for use as a general front- end for almost any SQL database. It uses a configuration file to detail what kind of data-pump exists and how to access it, otherwise it is only concerned with creation of the appropriate form HTML pages. The GSQL application uses a "proc" file which describes the format and control of the resulting HTML, allowing the user to contruct pages by marking up text within it.
- http://www.ncsa.uiuc.edu/SDG/People/jason/pub/gsql/starthere.html

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