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<!-- 6/17/2001 for Lanw web page on Chapter 7 in xml-ecommerce book -->
<Questionnaire title="Ecom Book Page Visitors" author="wbb" date="June 17, 2001" method="xml" file="e:\scripts\questionnaire\ecomresult.xml" css="/books/javaxml/ecomxml.css" >
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<![CDATA[ <h1>Welcome!</h1>
<p>This questionnaire is run by a servlet detailed in my book <i>Java Developer's guide to E-Commerce with XML and JSP</i>, published by Sybex (ISBN 0-7821-2827-0). In order to demonstrate the servlet and get some useful information, this questionnaire focuses on what Java programmers are interested in these days. It is only a few questions and won't take much time.</p>
Thanks for participating.<br>
Bill Brogden<br>]]>
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<Block name="entry" type="terminal" >
<Ques id="entry:1" type="QMC" >
<Qtext><![CDATA[<h2>How did you arrive here?</h2> <br />]]>
</Qtext> <Qopt val="a">I got here from Javaranch Discussion</Qopt>
<Qopt val="b">I got here from Marcus Green's JCHQ</Qopt>
<Qopt val="c">I got here from a search engine</Qopt>
<Qopt val="d">I got here from the LANWrights main page</Qopt>
<Qopt val="d">I got here from the mock certification exam page</Qopt>
<Qopt val="e">None of the above</Qopt>
<Ques id="entry:2" type="QMCM" >
<Qtext><![CDATA[<h2>Books Owned</h2>
Which of these books do you own a copy of? ]]></Qtext>
<Qopt val="a">Java 2 Exam Cram - Brogden (Coriolis)</Qopt>
<Qopt val="b">Java 2 Exam Prep - Brogden (Coriolis)</Qopt>
<Qopt val="c">Java Developer's Guide to Servlets and JSP - Brogden (Sybex)</Qopt>
<Qopt val="d"><![CDATA[Java Developer's Guide E-Commerce with XML and JSP - Brogden & Minnick (Sybex)]]>
<Qopt val="e"><![CDATA[Java 2 Certification Exam Guide for Programmers and Developers - Boone & Stanek (McGraw Hill)]]>
<Qopt val="f">The Complete Java 2 Certification Study Guide - Roberts, Heller et al (Sybex)</Qopt>
<Qopt val="g"><![CDATA[A Programmer's Guide to Java Certification - Mughal & Rasmussen]]>
<Qopt val="h"><![CDATA[Professional Java XML Programming - Nakhimovsky & Myers (Wrox Press)]]>
<Qopt val="i"><![CDATA[XML for Dummies - Tittel (IDG)]]>
<Qopt val="j"><![CDATA[Java and XML - McLaughlin (O'Reilly)]]>
<Qopt val="k"><![CDATA[Java Servlet Programming - Hunter & Crawford (O'Reilly)]]>
<Qopt val="l"><![CDATA[XML Pocket Reference - Eckstein (O'Reilly)]]>
<Qopt val="h">None of these</Qopt>
<Ques id="entry:3" type="QMC" >
<Qtext><![CDATA[<h2>What is your involvement in XML?</h2>
<br />]]></Qtext>
<Qopt val="a" branch="yesxml">I am just starting to study XML</Qopt>
<Qopt val="b" branch="yesxml">I am starting a project that uses XML</Qopt>
<Qopt val="c" branch="yesxml">I am heavily involved in a project using XML</Qopt>
<Qopt val="d">I am not interested in using XML</Qopt>
<Ques id="entry:4" type="QMCM" >
What are you doing with Java now?</h2>
<br />
</Qtext> <Qopt val="a" >I am studying to pass the Sun Certified Java Programmer exam</Qopt>
<Qopt val="b" >I am working with J2EE and Enterprise JavaBeans</Qopt>
<Qopt val="c" >I am working with Java Applets</Qopt>
<Qopt val="d" >I am working with other Java technology</Qopt>
<Qopt val="e" >I am not currently working with Java</Qopt>
Thanks for completing the questions!</h2>
<Block name="yesxml" type="terminal" >
<Ques id="yesxml:1" type="QMCM">
<Qtext>Please indicate the languages, APIs and techniques you use to work with XML. </Qtext> <Qopt val="a" >Java J2SE (standard edition)</Qopt>
<Qopt val="b" >Java J2EE (enterprise edition)</Qopt>
<Qopt val="c" >Java J2ME (micro edition)</Qopt>
<Qopt val="d" >Java Servlets</Qopt>
<Qopt val="e" >Java ServerPages</Qopt>
<Qopt val="f" >Sun's JAXP package</Qopt>
<Qopt val="g" >Apache Java XML parser</Qopt>
<Qopt val="h" >JDOM parser</Qopt>
<Qopt val="i" >C++ </Qopt>
<Qopt val="j" >Apache C++ XML parser</Qopt>
<Qopt val="k" >C </Qopt>
<Qopt val="l" >Visual Basic </Qopt>
<Qopt val="m" >C#</Qopt>
<Qopt val="n" >Perl </Qopt>
<Qopt val="o" >XSLT</Qopt>
<Qopt val="p" >X-Path</Qopt>
<Qopt val="q" >XML Schema</Qopt>
<Qopt val="r" >SOAP</Qopt>
<Ques id="yesxml:2" type="QMC" >
<Qtext>How many XML related books do you own? </Qtext> <Qopt val="0">I don't own any.</Qopt>
<Qopt val="1">I own 1 or 2 XML related books</Qopt>
<Qopt val="2">I own 3 to 5 XML related books</Qopt>
<Qopt val="3">I own more than 5 XML related books</Qopt>
<!-- this terminates the block and the questionnaire - could substitute different file for recording -->
Thanks for completing the questions!</h2>