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Java Developer's Guide to E-Commerce with XML and JSP Resources Chapters

  1. XML for Data Description
  2. A Catalog in XML
  3. Presenting an XML Catalog Online There is a problem with running the example under Tomcat 3.2 - click here to see my current fix!
  4. Filling A Shopping Cart
  5. Billing and Order Confirmation
  6. Online Catalog Upkeep
  7. Using Surveys to Know Your Customer (Code available shortly)
    Try an example survey.
    See the XML script used to run the survey servlet.
    Show recent survey analysis.
  8. And Now for the News
  9. Keep Them Coming Back Example current news headlines
    Source JSP for current news headlines
  10. Java Web Applications

I'm still working on adding resources! Contact me at if you have any questions.

A note about the files on the CD: You may have to change the host URLs and port numbers in the files to reflect your own servlet engine setup.

Here is an interesting note! It seems some significant points in the Servlet API had to be corrected. Read Sun's errata here.

Lots more to be inserted here, including links to great XML- and JSP-related Web sites and free goodies.

The newsletter put out by put me on to this one. "Content Management with XML: A Dell Case Study" a case study (taken from Sybex's Mastering XML) detailing how Dell has applied XML to deliver content through its Web site. The study includes a walk through the evaluation of technologies and the decision making process.

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