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Question: entry:1

How did you arrive here?

ValCountShort Option Text
a87I got here from Javaranch Discussion
b43I got here from Marcus Green's JCHQ
c70I got here from a search engine
d0I got here from the LANWrights main page
d209I got here from the mock certification exam page
e89None of the above

Question: entry:2

Books Owned

Which of these books do you own a copy of?

ValCountShort Option Text
a150Java 2 Exam Cram - Brogden (Coriolis)
b40Java 2 Exam Prep - Brogden (Coriolis)
c29Java Developer's Guide to Servlets and JSP - Brogden (Sybex)
d37Java Developer's Guide E-Commerce with XML and JSP - Brogden
e46Java 2 Certification Exam Guide for Programmers and Develope
f159The Complete Java 2 Certification Study Guide - Roberts, Hel
g77A Programmer's Guide to Java Certification - Mughal & Ra
h0Professional Java XML Programming - Nakhimovsky & Myers
i23XML for Dummies - Tittel (IDG)
j62Java and XML - McLaughlin (O'Reilly)
k81Java Servlet Programming - Hunter & Crawford (O'Reilly)
l31XML Pocket Reference - Eckstein (O'Reilly)
h121None of these

Question: entry:3

What is your involvement in XML?

ValCountShort Option Text
a252I am just starting to study XML
b86I am starting a project that uses XML
c89I am heavily involved in a project using XML
d52I am not interested in using XML

Question: entry:4

What are you doing with Java now?

ValCountShort Option Text
a44I am studying to pass the Sun Certified Java Programmer exam
b5I am working with J2EE and Enterprise JavaBeans
c3I am working with Java Applets
d12I am working with other Java technology
e17I am not currently working with Java

Question: yesxml:1

Please indicate the languages, APIs and techniques you use to work with XML.

ValCountShort Option Text
a205Java J2SE (standard edition)
b177Java J2EE (enterprise edition)
c19Java J2ME (micro edition)
d222Java Servlets
e172Java ServerPages
f85Sun's JAXP package
g110Apache Java XML parser
h55JDOM parser
j15Apache C++ XML parser
l35Visual Basic
q69XML Schema

Question: yesxml:2

How many XML related books do you own?

ValCountShort Option Text
0189I don't own any.
1166I own 1 or 2 XML related books
251I own 3 to 5 XML related books
315I own more than 5 XML related books

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