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A good discussion of SOAP protocols @ Microsoft.
General paper on Integrating SOAP into ebXML spec.
W3C's XML Protocol working group home page
W3C's XML schema definition.
W3C's XML Protocol - SOAP falls under this working group.
First draft of the requirements for the XML protocol (XP), Subsequent draft March 19 And another draft in October: Part 1   - Part 2
"Web Services Description Language (WSDL)" This is going to be a very important standard.
Bowstreet is the creator of the XAML standard, the Transaction Authority Markup Language.
A XML-RPC spec. - XML-RPC is the predecessor to SOAP, and has the virtue of simplicity.

Commentary on SOAP

Essay by Dave Winer - Read this if you don't read anything else on this page!
A short paper on multiplatform SOAP and Microsoft .NET
Will ebXML bring true global B2B?
Performance tests of SOAP
SOAP in the web services context
Soap and EJB
Web Services Insider column! Very timely!.; a dynamic site frequently discussing SOAP.

Major SOAP implementations


Microsoft's vision of web services as a very complete user experience.
Microsoft's Biztalk Product offering a comprehensive solution that allows business analysts and application developers to rapidly orchestrate processes and applications across organizational boundaries.
List of issues with SOAP specification 1.1
A step by step guide with example code for pocketPC, incl SOAP.


ApacheSOAP documentation.
Getting Apache SOAP going.
Gateway to Apache XML projects Parsers, SOAP implementation, Cocoon
Apache's current SOAP release
Apache's AXIS project - follow-on to SOAP, currently in alpha
Article on deploying AXIS (Alpha 2)


Sun has packaged all the major Java packages for dealing with XML in a convenient group to make it easier for you to stay current.
Sun's JAXM - Java API for XML Messaging, implements SOAP 1.1
A Java XML-RPC Library.
Message Oriented Middleware, 100% java msg server.
Call for creation of community activity to establish Java APIs for XML RPC
JBoss J2EE open source project has ZOAP messaging integrated into JBoss, which is implemented in Java

Other players

The Glue web service creation package, includes automatic WSDL generation capability
Discussion on Apache SOAP under WebSphere.
ASP / Javascript? IE5 Generic SOAP Client
PocketSOAP - a simple SOAP client for windows.
Soap for BEA WebLogic server - good cross platform info here
SwiftMQ - a JMS based Enterprise Messaging System Now that it has gone to version 3.0, the free version (2.1.3) that comes with the book is no longer available.
XML & SOAP support in Oracle 9i Oracle Dynamic Services - XML base, includes SOAP as a protocol:

Developer links

General SOAP information at Soapuser in English and French.
Developer list & Resources @
mailing list archives
WSDL tool kit
Short Message Service SMS has java developers kit
WDDX and WDDX SDK - Web Distributed Data eXchange allowes applications to extrage data.

Resource Sites

Table comparing on-going XML protocol efforts.
SoapRPC is a resource site for SOAP, .NET, UDDI and related protocols for building web services.
xmethods has a collection of working SOAP services.
This site has a compact XML parser and is the producer of GLUE, a product that siplifies and unifies traditional distributed computing with the emerging world of web services.

Realated Technology

Good general discussion of various architectures like COM and DCOM
mproject from sun is pre-alpha, you need a login (free) to see the page
JavaBeans components for JSP that process SOAP
xml related news, tutorials, etc
General news on XML and some SOAP
JDOMis now a JSR! JDOM is a way to represent an XML document for easy and efficient reading manipulation, and writing.
wireless java, network programming with J2ME wireless devices.
kXML project makes a compact XML parser for small systems.
kSOAP project SOAP API for small systems that uses kXML.
General XML reference.
Tomcat servlet and JSP executer/server.
tomcat information - misc
Simplified serialization of Java objects to XML
Distributed computing with AGLETS.
paper on JMS also the TACOS mobile agents in java
An alternative to DOM and SAX
Article on JMS
WSDL processing with XSLT This article shows ways of using Extensible Stylesheet Language for Transforms (XSLT) to process WSDL in various ways. Familiarity with XSLT and Resource Description Framework (RDF) are required. Resources introducing XSLT are provided.

Related Initiatives

Electronic Business XML (ebXML) likely to be the widely adopted standard to replace EDI
OASIS Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards, sponsor of ebXML.
UN/CEFACT United Nations Centre for Trade Facilitation and Electronic Business. Sponsor of ebXML.

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