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In the following subsections, you encounter information on several types of Macintosh HTML authoring tools that are available to help you create Web pages. These tools vary in their scope and functionality, but all of them can provide solid HTML assistance.

Many Macintosh HTML authoring tools can display a WYSIWYG or semi-WYSIWYG view of HTML documents. Along with this capability comes a certain amount of error checking, because these programs’ internal display mechanisms can simulate a browser and recognize HTML tags. The best tools let you see both WYSIWYG and tagged views of documents, and all of the truly complete implementations provide balloon help and Apple Guide manuals as well.

Several stand-alone WYSIWYG programs let you check your HTML code and keep you from making syntax or placement errors. Some of these tools add to the functionality of existing word-processing and text editors, thereby giving them the ability to handle HTML tags. Some even go so far as to convert existing files from normal formats to HTML, and vice versa.

While you try out one or more of these tools, ask yourself, “Does this program make writing HTML easier?” If your answer is “No,” try another tool. Regardless of the kind of tool you choose, you expect it to make your HTML creation job easier, not harder.

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You can find the most up-to-date information on Macintosh HTML tools at these sites:

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