Ed Tittel is a fifteen-year computer industry veteran with an interesting background. A Princeton and multiple University of Texas graduate, Ed started his academic career with undergraduate and graduate degrees in anthropology. Then, realizing the need for gainful employment, he moved into computer science. Ed spent his first six years in the industry writing code, primarily for database-related systems and applications, at companies like Information Research Associates (now known as Scientific and Engineering Software, Inc.), Michael Leesley Consulting, and at Schlumberger's Austin Research Center.

In 1986, Ed switched from staring at a CRT to the softer side of the business, moving into management and marketing. From 1988 to 1994, he was employed in a variety of positions at Novell, initially at Excelan (acquired by Novell in June 1989). His last position there was as Director of Technical Marketing in Novell's Corporate Marketing group, where he oversaw technical content for corporate strategies, publications, trade shows, and developer conferences.

At present, he's president of his own company, LANWrights, Inc., an Austin, TX-based consultancy. He stays busy writing books and magazine articles, teaching, and is also a member of the NetWorld + Interop Program Committee, where he specializes in networking industry topics, training, and issues.

From 1987 through the present, Ed has been a computer industry freelance writer as well. He has written twenty five books, ranging from the best-selling NetWare for Dummies and HTML for Dummies (both in their 3nd editions; NetWare was co-authored with Deni Connor and Earl Follis, IDG Books, 1995; HTML was co-authored with Stephen N. James, IDG Books, 1996). He has also written a variety of texts on Java, VRML, and CGI programming (all for IDG Books Worldwide), and Network Design Essentials, Electronic Mail Essentials, and Internet Access Essentials (co-authored with Margaret Robbins, AP Professional, 1994).

Ed has also written extensively for the trade press, with over 200 articles for publications including Byte, Infoworld, IWAY, NetGuide, PC Magazine, and WindowsNT Magazine. At present, Ed is a weekly columnist for Interop Online, where he produces a weekly techno-opinion on the state of networking and/or the Internet.

You can contact him at
 CompuServe ID: 76376,606
 Internet e-mail: etittel@zilker.net


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