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Tag Name
Category Description
Brief Explanation
Comments To document HTML design, techniques, etc.
<!-- --> Comment Supports author comments; ignored by browser
Document Structure Basic document layout and linkage structures
<BANNER> * Document Banner Defines a non-scrolling banner
<BASE> Document Base Indicates complete document URL, establishes location context for other URLs
<BGSOUND> IE Background Sound Links a background sound to a document
<BODY> IE Document Body Blocks out a document’s body
<BODYTEXT> * Body Encloses the main body text
<DIV> * Document Divisions Defines multiple document sections or divisions
<FN> * Footnotes Defines footnotes
<HEAD> Heading Blocks out a document head
<HTML> Main document head Blocks out an entire HTML document
<ISINDEX> N Is Indexed Indicates document supports CGI search script
<LANG> * Language Sets the language for text rendering
<LINK> Document Link Set hyperlink between current location and other documents or locations
<META> Meta Imbeds document meta-information
<NEXTID> Next Document Indicates the “next” document that follows current, permits HTML document chaining
<RANGE> * Range of a Document Defines a documents range
<SPOT> * Spot ID Defines location used in a <RANGE> tag
<STYLE> * Style Notation Defines alternate display styles
Document Headings Supply document title and heading levels, provide important organization & layout elements
<H*> Document Headings 1 - 6 level headings
<TITLE> Title Supplies title that labels entire document
Links Create links to anchor or another document, or create anchor for another link
<A> Anchor Provides fundamental hypertext link capabilities
Layout Elements Control document appearance, add elements
<ABBREV> * Abbrev Identifies abbreviations
<ACRONYM> * Acronym Identifies acronyms
<ADDRESS> Address Author contact information for document
<AU> * Author Identifies the author
<BQ> * Blockquote Use to set off long quotes or citations
<BR> N Line Break Forces a line break into on-screen text flow
<CENTER> N Center Centers text or images
<CREDIT> * Credit Identifies the source of a figure or quote
<DEL> * Deleted Text Identifies deleted text
<HR> N Horizontal Rule Draws a horizontal line across the page
<INS> * Inserted Text Identifies inserted text
<MARQUEE> IE Marquee Defines a scrolling marquee
<NOBR> N No Break Prevents a text line break
<NOTE> * Admonishments Identifies an admonishment
<PERSON> * Person Identifies people to be associated with the document, similar to <AU>
<Q> * Quotation Identifies a short quotation
<TAB> * Horizontal Tab Inserts a tab space
<WBR> N Word Break Forces a text line break within <NOBR>
Graphics References to inline images for documents
<AREA> IE Image Map Area Defines clickable area on a client side imagemap
<IMG> N, IE Image Inserts referenced image into document, with alternate text, clickable map & placement controls
<MAP> IE Client Side Image Map Defines a client side imagemap
Forms Forms-related markup tags
<FORM> Form Marks beginning & end of form block
<INPUT> Form Input Defines type & appearance for input widgets
<OPTION> Form Select Option A way of assigning a value or default to an input item
<SELECT> Form Select Creates a menu or scrolling list of input items
<TEXTAREA> Form Textarea Multiline text entry widget
Paragraphs Break up running text into readable chunks
<P> Paragraph Breaks up text into spaced regions; according to HTML 2.0 DTD closing tag </P> is optional
Lists Provide methods to lay out item or element sequences in document content
<DD> Definition List Definition The definition for a term in a glossary list
<DIR> Directory List Unbulleted list of short elements (less than 20 characters in length)
<DL> Definition Lists A special format for terms and their definitions
<DT> Definition List Term The term being defined in a glossary list
<LH> * List Heading Defines a heading for a list
<LI> N <OL>,
N <UL>
List Item <LI> marks a member item in any list
<MENU> Menu List A pickable list of elements
<OL> N Ordered Numbered List Numbered list of elements
<UL> N Unordered Bulleted List Bulleted list of elements
Text Controls Character formatting tags
<B> Bold Produces bolded text
<BASEFONT> N Basefont Sets the base font size
<BIG> * Big Print Displays text in a large font
<BT> * Bold Upright Renders text in bold and upright
<CITE> Citation Distinctive text for citations (usu. in italics)
<CODE> Code Used for code samples (usu. Courier font)
<DFN> Definition Used to emphasize (usu. in italics) a term about to be defined in the following text
<EM> Emphasis Adds emphasis to enclosed text (usu. underline)
<FONT> N, IE Font Size Alters the font size from the base size
<I> Italics Produces italicized text
<KBD> Keyboard Text Text typed at keyboard (usu. Courier font)
<PRE> Preformatted Text Preserves spacing and layout of original text in monospaced font
<S> * Strike through Renders text with a strike through mark
<SAMP> Sample Sample in-line text (usu. Courier font)
<SMALL> * Small Print Displays text in a small font
<STRONG> Strong Maximum emphasis to enclosed text (usu. bold)
<SUB> * Subscript Renders text in subscript
<SUP> * Superscript Renders text in superscript
<T> * Upright Renders text in upright
<TT> Teletype Produces a typewriter font (usu. Courier)
<U> * Underline Renders text with an underline
<VAR> Variables Variable or substitution for some other value
Math Elements Special Math tags
<ABOVE> * Math Line Above Draws a line or symbol above text
<ARRAY> * Math Array Defines a math array
<ATOP> * Math Box Atop Places one section of text above another
<BAR> * Math Vector: Bar Draws a bar above a letter
<BELOW> * Math Line Below Draws a line or symbol below text
<BOX> * Math Box Defines a math box
<CHOOSE> * Math Box Choose Similar to <ATOP>, places one expression over another, encloses both in brackets
<DDOT> * Math Vector: Double Dot Draws a double dot or umlaut above a letter
<DOT> * Math Vector: Dot Draws a single dot above a letter
<HAT> * Math Vector: Hat/Caret Draws a hat or caret above a letter
<ITEM> * Math Array Item Defines an item of an array
<LEFT> * Math Box Left Defines the delimiter which appears on an expression's left side
<MATH> * Mathematics Defines math expressions, allows for special math related rendering elements
<OF> * Math Root Of Separates the radix from the radicand in a root expression
<OVER> * Math Box Over Places one section above another within a math box
<RIGHT> * Math Box Right Defines the delimiter which appears on an expression's right side
<ROOT> * Math Root Defines a root
<ROW> * Math Array Row Defines a row of an array
<SQRT> * Math Square Root Draws a square root symbol
<TEXT> * Math Text Identifies inserted math text
<TILDE> * Math Vector: Tilde Draws a tilde above a letter
<VEC> * Math Vector: Right Arrow Draws a right arrow above a letter
Figures Figure tags
<CAPTION> *, IE Caption, Table Caption Adds a caption to a figure or table
<FIG> * Figures Similar to <IMG>, inserts a figure and allows text wrapping
<FIGTEXT> * Figure Text Similar to <CAPTION>, adds textual information to a figure
<OVERLAY> * Overlay Overlays an image over a base figure
Table Table tags
<TABLE> *, IE Table Defines a table
<TD> *, IE Table Data Cell Defines a table data cell
<TH> *, IE Table Header Cell Defines a table header cell
<TR> *, IE Table Rows Defines a table row



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