Glossary - B


back end
the server-side of client/server is called the back end because it is usually handled by programs running in obscurity on the server, out of sight (and mind) for most users.
technically, bandwidth is the range of electrical frequencies a device can handle; more often, it's used as a measure of a communications technology's carrying capacity
Basic (Beginner's All-purpose Symbolic Instruction Code)
a programming language, Basic (also called BASIC) is easy to learn and use. The most popular implementation is Microsoft's QuickBasic.
beta test
the phase of software testing where a program or system is turned over to a select group of users outside the development organization for use in more or less real-life situations.
The body is one of the main identifiable structures of any HTML document. It is usually trapped between the head information and the footer information.
most Web browsers include a facility for building a list of URLs that users wish to keep for future reference. Netscape calls such references bookmarks in its browser.
a Web access program that can request HTML documents from Web servers, and render such documents on a user's display device. (see also client)
BSD (Berkeley Software Distribution)
a flavor of UNIX that was particularly important in the late 1970's and 1980's when most of the enhancements and add-ons to UNIX appeared first in the BSD version (like TCP/IP)
acronym for "By The Way"; commonly used in e-mail messages
small verminous creatures that sometimes show up in software in the form of major or minor errors, mistakes, and gotchas. Bugs got their name from insects found in antiquated tube-based computers of the late 50s and early 60s which were attracted to the glow of the filament in a tube.


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