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In our effort to provide you with the most accurate and up-to-date information, we have reviewed the entire manuscript of several of our books and created errata sheets to address the typos, mistakes, and errors that unfortunately made it into print. Please review these documents and contact us if you locate any other discrepancies we overlooked.

Please note: The Exam Cram titles are in multiple printings. Each entry in the errata sheets is associated with one or more print run numbers; this information appears in angle brackets after the page number, so the string "<1,2,3,4>" means that this error appears in prints runs 1 through 4. The print run is identified at the bottom of the copyright page, which is the back side of the title page. The right most number in the list, 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1, defines the print run.

In addition to errata sheets, the following corrections and changes to other books are also available:

MCSE Adaptive Exam Cram Core Four Pack - CD patch and update - 5/4/99
FixedEC4pak2.zip ~240 KB (Updated 8/9/99) and FixedEC4pak.ReadMe.txt

Windows 95 Exam Cram (Test #70-064) Changes made from book 063 to 064 - 7/3/98
Microsoft Word 6.0/95 - HTML

MCSE Exam Cram Core Four Pack
Patch (340Kb) for the 1997 printing of Part:198-3 (8/98)
Online version of the Four Pack CD-ROM

Visual Café for Java
Errata - HTML Version
Revised Addressbook database (ZIP file - 130K)

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