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All music on this CD-ROM, except for the Bach Prelude, is written by c.c. sanders. Both the Bach Prelude and Madness are expressly included on the CD-ROM to be used freely; any non-commercial use of these pieces is permitted. Silent Lucidity and the music for Natespace are both copyrighted works, with all rights reserved, and cannot be used without specific permission from c.c. sanders.

A few notes on individual compositions:

Natespace Gallery's music was specifically written for the virtual adaptation of Nathan Jensen's online art gallery. The music that plays as you walk through the gallery was composed to enhance the viewing experience, not detract from it. Interesting considerations of dynamics and setting therefore came into play; many of the compositions I originally created for Natespace were simply too harmonically distracting to work well within the gallery. The music that accompanies the gallery containing pictures of the artist and his wife, Cassandra, was written in honor of their recent marriage. (DHTML interpretation by Christopher D. Brown.)

Madness is included on the disk to demonstrate the different formats that are used for multimedia and Web audio. Madness was composed in 1996.

Bach's Prelude IX in E Major is from Book I of J.S. Bach's Well-Tempered Clavier. Bach's Well-Tempered Clavier contains a plethora of music that is wonderfully suited for Web site use; the harmonic complexity of the Preludes and Fugues makes them ideal background music for cerebral activities such as being online.

Silent Lucidity was originally written for a multimedia musical theatre work, making it especially well-suited for a visual adaptation. Although at the time of release, this version of Silent Lucidity can only be viewed on the Windows platform with Internet Explorer 4.0, Macintosh and Netscape versions are sincerely in progress at

During the process of creating this CD-ROM, Silent Lucidity morphed through many different versions, including dramatically different tempo markings, and underwent several key changes as well. The song was originally written in A flat minor, then changed to A minor, and is now in F minor. Each tonality seems to impart a different meaning to the song, but I think that the F minor version works particularly well with the rich visual narrative crafted by Christopher D. Brown and Virginia Brown of V Communications of Austin, TX.

Silent Lucidity is dedicated to Shawn Gough and Sonia Feigenbaum for their years of friendship, and to Brian for his continual support and creative encouragement.

Other Items

A collection of several methods for creating pop-up bubble help: Bubble Help

Code from chapters: !FABRIC8.SOU, !MIX-A-P.OLS, !TABOCAS.OUR.

Natespace Illoviewer, an illustration viewing engine, by Nathan Jensen. (DHTML interpretation by Christopher D. Brown.)

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