Cocoon 2 Programming:

Web Publishing with XML and Java

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By Bill Brogden, Conrad D'Cruz and Mark Gaither, published by Sybex; ISBN: 0782124131

Chapter 1: The Cocoon 2 Architecture

Author: Conrad D'Cruz. This chapter gives a broad overview of the Cocoon2 architecture and explains how it fits into the web publishing picture.

Chapter 2: Cocoon Development Quick Start

Author: Conrad D'Cruz. This chapter introduces the details of Cocoon2 architecture using a number of examples.

Chapter 3: Review of the Essential Technologies

Author: Conrad D'Cruz. Cocoon utilizes a large number of different technologies drawn from many different areas. This chapter provides an overview and references for further study.

Chapter 4: The Cocoon Serializers

Author: Bill Brogden. Serializers perform the final presentation from a Cocoon appication. They are probably the easiest Cocoon component to understand.

Chapter 5: Logic Control: The Sitemap

Author: Bill Brogden. This chapter shows how a Cocoon sitemap is used to structure and control a Cocoon web publishing system.

Chapter 6: Introducing XSP Usage

Author: Mark Gaither. Extensible Server Pages (XSP) provide a powerful environment for logical control and dynamic content generation.

Chapter 7: XSP Logicsheets

Author: Mark Gaither. This chapter delves into the many predefined XSP capabilities that come with Cocoon in the form of logicsheets.

Chapter 8: Content Generators

Author: Bill Brogden. Cocoon can process content from a variety of sources using content generators. This chapter discusses the built in generators and shows how to create your own generator for dealing with a custom data source.

Chapter 9: Configuration For Debugging And Optimization

Author: Conrad D'Cruz. This chapter looks at tips and techniques for debugging and optimization of a Cocoon server.

Chapter 10: Patterns of Presentation

Author: Bill Brogden. Here we discuss how some common presentation patterns and best practices can be achieved in Cocoon.

Chapter 11: Patterns of Content Generation

Author: Bill Brogden. This chapter discusses the patterns and practices that Cocoon provides to tackle problems of content generation in relation to various industry standards and best practices. We also indulge in some speculation as to where Cocoon could be useful in some evolving technologies.

Appendix A: Cocoon Tag Reference

Chapter 5 discussed the sitemap elements in logical order, the purpose of this appendix is to provide an alphabetical listing and expanded discussion.

Appendix B: Cocoon Resources

A compilation of URLs for standards and other useful references for XML, Java, and related technologies.


New Resources

Since the book went to press, these resources have turned out to be very useful!

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