WWWWAIS README -- What should be in this directory: wwwwais.XX.c The source code. wwwwais.conf A sample configuration file. title.html A sample WWWWAIS title file. wwwwais.gif A little icon you can use in your WWWWAIS pages. icons.tar Icons you can use to portray different file types in WAIS search results. The documentation's at http://www.eit.com/software/wwwwais/wwwwais.html ...and you can email kevinh@eit.com for suggestions, contributions, etc. Enjoy! -- Kevin Hughes kevinh@eit.com 9/14/94 -- Description: WWWWAIS is a small ANSI C program that acts as gateway between waisq or waissearch (programs that search WAIS indexes) and a forms-capable World-Wide Web browser. With the freely distributable freeWAIS package, this program, and your local Web site, you can: * Create searchable databases of the information on your Web site * Allow users to search multiple databases via their Web browser with customizable options * Create a custom pop-up menu of servers to search through * Produce hypertext search results, with file information and links directly to the relevant HTML documents * Retrieve WAIS source descriptions and files * Specify URLs and filters to map results to * Only allow users from certain sites to search documents You can see how it looks at: http://www.eit.com/cgi-bin/wwwwais