Files in Guestbook

this is not up to date ! (some of the filenames have changed) Files in the package, and files that the programs create (the ones that are created by the programs are emphasized):
this directory contains all the execupables, plus some maps, and the database.
Creates the first form where the user can fill in his or her name, and click on the map. this form already contains default entries: the remote host in the field for the email address, and a location as created by domtogeo
tries to guess the location from the domain name of a host. Called dblookup to do this.
handles the users input, creates a temporary map with an x on it, creates a form which let's the user confirm the input
Writes the users data to the databank, puts the x on the map, updates the text under that map.
wrapxmap, xmap
puts a temporary x on a map (wrapxmap is a wrapper for xmap. this wrapper dumps what xmap writes to STDERR.)
wrapymap, ymap
puts a x on a map (wrapymap is a wrapper for ymap. this wrapper dumps what ymap writes to STDERR.)
Null_Amerika.ppm, Null_Erde.ppm, Null_Europa.ppm, Null_Oesterreich.ppm
Empty maps, in ppm format
Amerika.ppm, Erde.ppm, Europa.ppm, Oesterreich.ppm
Current maps, in ppm format
counter for temporary maps
tool to let you update the text under the map after changes in the database
tool to let you recreate the current map after changes in the database
the X
the database. Please don't make this readable to the public. the database contains more information than the resulting guestbook, for example peoples email address.
contains the resulting html files, and the resulting maps as gifs.

For every map there are four files:

All four files have the same name just a diffrent extentions. e.g. Europa.gif, Europa.html, Europa.htinc,

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